Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions which may help you in making your choices.

Can I just get the outside windows cleaned?

Yes of course. We offer a whole range of options to meet everyone’s requirements.


What is included with your window cleaning service?

The choice is up to you. We can do the full monty  – windows in and out, cobwebbing, frame and sill cleaning, flyscreen washing and track cleaning or you may just want the outside windows cleaning.


Your website doesn’t actually state how much it will cost to get my windows cleaned?

That’s because we haven’t seen your house or business. Every property is different and even though you may live in a four bedroom house and your neighbour lives in a four bedroom house they can be completely different in size and the amount of windows they contain. You may have a glass patio, pool glass and a floor to ceiling glazed trophy room and your neighbour may be content with an old armchair on his wooden verandah. We always try to visit a potential customer to understand exactly what they want and then we can provide a fair and accurate quote. It’s also a chance for you to get to meet us.


How often should I have my house windows cleaned?

Again, the choice is yours but we do recommend a minimum of twice a year is a good way to keep your house looking in tip top condition. Of course it all depends where you live and what sort of climatic conditions your house endures. We have some customers get their windows cleaned every two months. Others quarterly and some who we see once every eighteen months. Some people only get them cleaned before a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas or a wedding.


What sort of commercial properties do you service? At present we only do offices.


What form of payment do you accept? We accept cash, cheque and EFT. All customers are given an invoice with GST included in the price.


I live in 2 storey house, will you be able to reach the bedroom windows and will it cost more?

We can clean up to 2 stories high using either extension poles or extension ladders. Any higher than this and we would use an elevated work platform. There is no “surplus” charge for 2 or 3 storey buildings, but working from ladders is obviously more time consuming and this will be reflected in your quote.


I have a lot of colonial and louvre windows, is it going to cost me a lot more to get these cleaned?

Colonial and louvre windows, lead lights and skylights do take longer to clean than your standard single span window, so yes it will cost more due to the extra time spent on them but the extra cost would be negligible in the overall scheme of things.


I want my windows cleaned but I work all week, can you clean them while I’m not there?

Yes, we do this quite a lot. You can either arrange to leave a key for us or we can turn up before you leave for work. Alternatively we could always arrange to do them on a weekend.


I assume you will cancel if it is raining as the rain will spoil the windows?

There is a bit of folklore surrounding the “don’t clean windows when it’s raining” adage. I’ll try to be brief.  In the early to mid twentieth century in heavily industrialised countries such as the UK and the USA there many thousands of factories, involved in heavy industries, pumping out thick black smoke into the atmosphere. Also, in the UK the main form of heating for your house was coal fires (until the introduction of natural north sea gas in the late sixties / early seventies). Therefore, there was a huge amount of particulate matter in the atmosphere. Hence, when it rained the water molecules would pick up the particulate matter on the way down and this would land on your windows leaving them looking dirty. It wasn’t the actual water that made them dirty but when the water evaporated it would leave the particulate matter behind. You may have experienced a similar event if you’ve ever washed your windows with a garden hose pipe. Once the water evaporates it leaves behind the minute particles that were present in your tap water and they appear as streaks or dots on the window. Anyway, back to the rain; these days, and especially where we live, there is not the same amount of pollution in the atmosphere, so it is pretty safe to wash windows in the rain. Having said that, if it is a heavy downpour for a long period of time then for health and safety reasons we would not work in the rain, but it doesn’t stop us from cleaning the inside.

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