Gutter Cleaning & Other Services

Gutter Cleaning

Wiperz offers gutter cleaning on any type of rain gutter on buildings of all types including: units, homes, commercial buildings and schools.

Why Do I Need To Get My Gutters Cleaned?

  • Clogged gutters are an unwelcome hazard to your building and even your health. In a heavy downpour, rainfall will back up in a blocked gutter, until it begins to overflow, therefore causing damage to the building’s eaves, cement sheeting and even damage to the building’s foundation.
  • In regional areas, such as the Wellington Shire, many houses are on tank water. Water that is left to pool in clogged gutters will become stagnant and infested with mosquito larvae. This will eventually end up in your tank water, which in turn, is your drinking water.
  • Blocked gutters are a fire risk during fire season, when a rogue spark could ignite the leaf litter in your gutter.
  • Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year, this will eliminate the chance of water overflow, mosquito propagation and reduce the fire risk.

Pressure Washing

Four seasons in one day? You know what it’s like living in and around the Wellington Shire – soaring temperatures, hot dry winds, freezing rain, dust storms and that constant south westerly. It doesn’t take long for your home to be coated in dust and debris and for your paths and driveways to be stained with dirt.

We clean the following: brickwork, render, walls, gutters, fascias, eaves, decking, outdoor furniture, patios, tiled areas and paving

Eaves & Fascia cleaning

We use pressure spraying and soft bristle brushes to clean your eaves and fascia. If you’re selling your home, it makes sense to get your eaves and fascia cleaned.

Deck and Patio Cleaning

We provide pressure sprat to clean decks and patios. Having a party or a wedding? Now is a good time to call us to get your outdoor area looking spick and span.

Flyscreen Mesh Replacement

We provide an on-site service to replace your damaged flyscreen mesh.


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Six reasons why you should get your gutters cleaned!